Agdz Pottery

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  1. Hello Jane
    I’m in the middle of organising my trip to Morocco, it’s part of a year and a half trip which I’m in week 7 of. Im from NZ and do pottery there as part of my trip am trying to explore local potters, which I’ve managed to do in Spain so far. But I stumbled across your site, it sounds fantastic, are you able to send me more info on the Moroccan potteries you visited, it would be so helpful,


  2. Hi Kris! Your year and a half trip sounds absolutely amazing and wonderful! Actually I’m going to Morocco again from Oct. 26 to Nov. 16 with the same tour guide (Discovery Art Tours, with Denys James…highly recommended…I think there is still space for more people… because I’m sure I missed a lot the first time. We were whisked around in a van (the van, driver and guide were provided by Amazig [yes the spelling is correct] Tours [I think, can’t find any listings for it] so I don’t have much idea of how to get to all the places we went. We started off in Casablanca and went clockwise around the northern part of Morocco. D’Har montain pottery was way out in the country somewhere between Chefchouen and Volubilis. Next we went to Fes, a fascinating city, where we visited more than one pottery, (sorry I can’t be more specific) then we went to Zagora, from where we visited the Agdz pottery and then the pottery in Astour which we reached via 4 wheel drive (beware sandtraps, I think they are designed to provide some of the residents with employment towing vehicles out) then Tamgroute pottery and on to Ouarzazate (pronounced roughly wherezatat.) Finally between Essouira and Casablanca we visited Safi pottery. In between all these potteries we went to museums and beautiful gardens, mosques, souks (don’t miss the square in Marrakech), marvellous old buildings made of the local adobe material, stayed in fabulous hotels converted from old palaces, went by camel into the desert and stayed overnight in tents made of carpets, visited big workshops where they made leather goods and fabric, and a place where they made all sorts of things from fossils (the desert was once under the sea), and had all manner of wonderful exotic experiences. Well, you can get some idea from the photos on my blog. Many of us wanted to stay MUCH longer. I’m getting excited thinking about it! Sorry not to have more details, but I hope this is helpful. I’m happy to answer any questions if I can. By the way, it’s VERY hot there in the summer. It’s a cold country with a hot sun, we were told, and so it is, even in the fall months. Regards, Jane

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